Mrs. Asmaa Assad, Honorary President of Syrian Special Olympics Foundation.
The interest of First Lady Asma al-Assad in the Syrian Special Olympics was a result of her great interest in the Syrian society in all its sections.
Convinced that the special Olympics segment must be effective and effective and capable of influencing society and convey a positive and upscale image of the Syrian society. Has supported all activities of the Foundation and culminated in hosting the 7th Regional Special Olympics Tournament, which is considered by everyone who participated in it as the best private Olympics tournament ever organized. Asmaa al-Assad continued to support and sponsor the Special Olympics year after year in various foreign posts, and her sponsorship was the main incentive for three local sessions of the Syrian Special Olympics.
The lady oversees many social activities and cares for the families of the martyrs and the war wounded and her visits are a balm for their wounds and a strong motivation to continue giving.

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